Frequently Asked Questions

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Q Must I leave the house while the floors are being refinished?
A It is generally not necessary for most people to leave their homes while the floors are being refinished. However if noise or objectionable odors are present, you may want to leave temporarily.
Q Are all floor finishes the same?
A No, don’t be fooled by competitors low estimate, all finishes are not the same. McKenna’s only uses products that are for “Professional Use Only” that are environmentally safe as well as the most durable on the market.
Q Can I get an estimate over the telephone?
A There are many factors that go into estimating the cost of refinishing a floor, besides its size. They include: type of wood, condition of the floor, layout of the room, finish system desired by the homeowner. McKenna can give you a realistic price, only after all the necessary information has been collected and analyzed. When a company gives square foot costs without seeing the floor, they make the job fit the estimate. This is usually done by using cheaper, inferior materials, and skipping many of the steps required to produce quality results.  Estimates are always free no matter what state you live in.
Q What does the refinishing process entail?

Floors are carefully inspected with any exposed nails are driven below the surface and any remaining carpet staples are removed. Heating (and air conditioning) registers are covered and a blower unit may be placed in a window to draw air out of the room to the outside.

The floor is sanded and scraped until it is smooth, and all of the old finish is removed as needed. The room is inspected and thoroughly cleaned to insure no dust remains. The new finish is applied with the type of finish you choose, which will determine the number of coats, and drying time required. The floor is usually buffed lightly between coats, and you can walk on the floors with socks, about 3 - 5 hours after the last coat is applied. Furniture can be set in place after 2 days.

Q Do water base polyurethane finishes hold up well?
A There are now many water-based finishes available that offer the wear-ability and appearance of the oil-based stains and finishes. McKenna uses only premium quality water-based finishes by reputable manufacturers.
Q What holds up better, water base or oil base polyurethane?
A With today’s technology both are equal in appearance and durability, the choice would be client preference.
Q What do I need to do before my floors are refinished?
A Nothing, we ask clients to remove furniture, pictures and anything of irreplaceable value; however, we at McKenna’s will assist in any way possible to ensure the process is of little or no inconvenience to our clients.
Q How do I care for and maintain my newly finished hardwood floor?
A McKenna’s stands behind our craftsmanship 100% as long as the floor is maintained properly. So upon completion of every project, McKenna’s personally goes over how to care for your new investment.
Q What can I do with my furniture while my floors are being refinished?
A There are a couple of options that people use. One is to do the work in stages, and move furniture into other rooms for the few days needed for refinishing. Another option is to move furniture into garages and/or basements while others rent portable storage units.